Due to the recent progress in micro and nanotechnology, small-scale electromechanical systems are becoming increasingly common in various disciplines of engineering and applied science. Applications of these small-scale systems often require the knowledge of their dynamic behaviour. Micro and nano electromechanical systems open a number of exploratory research areas in science and engineering, due to the necessity of joining diverse fields of applied sciences or to consider issues that are not noticeable at macro scales. This colloquium is devoted to the discussion of the state of the art and future perspectives in the analysis, characterization, modelling, application and design of electromechanical dynamical systems with dimensions of a few micro or nanometres. Colloquium participants are encouraged to submit communications ranging from theoretical aspects to emerging applications. The colloquium aims at providing a forum for the discussion of the interconnected topics detailed in the following paragraphs.

•             Modelling of small-scale structures, from non-classical continuum theories to atomistic-based models, including advances in couple stress theories, strain gradient elasticity, surface effects, non-local theories, molecular dynamics, and analysis of small structures in novel materials, as CNTs and graphene sheets.

•             Multi-field modelling at small length scales, including modelling of piezoelectric, electrostatic and electromagnetic sensing/actuation, van der Waals forces, Casimir forces and fluid–structure interactions.

•             Analysis of linear and non-linear dynamics of micro and nano electromechanical systems, including the investigation of damping and quality factors, modes of vibration, contact and non-smooth dynamics, pull-in and dynamic instabilities, chaotic dynamics, parametric excitation, sub-harmonic, super-harmonic and internal resonances.

Topics are given as a list in "Topics".